Monday, 19 September 2016

Home Tuitions for IIT-JEE Aspirants

Once a student in India reaches 8th standard, one of the major queries that the relatives, neighbors and “well-wishes” pose is if s/he is interested in science and more specifically in mathematics. If the answer to this question somehow turns out to be affirmative, the advice that follows is that they start their preparation for the coveted, most sought after and the infamous IIT-JEE.
Major educational intuitions across the length and breadth of India boast of their students’ achievements in this prestigious Entrance Examination.
It is of common knowledge now that IIT-JEE is conducted in two phases from 2014 as it was conducted before 2006, Mains and Advanced. In the period of 2006-2013, the examination had only one phase- An Objective Examination. This idea was introduced in order to reduce the amount of stress the students were in the duration of their preparation for IIT-JEE.
In 2013, the board, in charge of conducting these examinations observed that the students who got into various IITs throughout the country were facing difficulty in coping with their curriculum. In order to prepare the aspirants regarding the standards and level of difficulty of their course, the two phase examination was reintroduced.
This goes without saying that, due to this change in pattern, the level of difficulty of the examination has definitely gone up.
 The aspirants need to keep their nose close to the grind stone, if the wish to secure an admission into one of the ‘sacred’ IITs.
As mentioned earlier, there are many institutions that claim that they and assure that the students would do well in IIT-JEE by following their course or material. Many of these institutions have very rigid timetables and can be hectic for many teenagers.
Many teenagers enrolled in these institutions complain of crumbling under intense pressure and feeling anxious every day. Not every student can do well in situations like these, few fall short.
Schedules in institutions like these, potentially affect a teenager’s health adversely. These individuals are merely 16 or 17 years old, who have a long and prosperous life ahead of them. Putting their health at risk for an admission in a prestigious college isn’t sensible.
Saying that, doesn’t mean that these students do not need to work hard for their dream, by all means they should do their best to reach their potential but in a less stressful environment.
Students can always reach for the kind of help and guidance that they seek to fulfil their dreams. With the internet being such an important parcel of our lives, any kind of help can be accessed with few clicks.
It is not necessary that all students need to be subjected to intense pressure for them to do well in their academics. There are many cases where students have done exceptionally well without having the need to put up with intense pressure.
Students can always opt for home tutors with experience who could provide them all the help and guidance they need at a time convenient to them in the comfort of their homes.
The idea and the method of education and learning though which a student prospers and succeeds in life varies from one individual to other. Subjecting all of them to the same school of thought is downright cruel.